RFS PLLReference Signal Included • No External Programming • Fixed Frequency

The RFS series is a complete fixed frequency PLL solution incorporating a 10 MHz TCXO reference oscillator, phase detector, loop filter, VCO and PIC microcontroller. It simplifies any design requiring a highly stable, low cost single frequency signal source in the range of 1 GHz to 6 GHz by removing the need for any external programming. Operating off two DC supply voltages, the RFS series utilizes a microstrip topology and a loop filter bandwidth that is configured per each application to provide optimal phase noise performance. Download the RFS Series PLL product list in CSV format

Fixed Frequency PLLs with Reference Signal

RFS Part NumberFreq (MHz) (typ)Power Output (dBm) (typ)Spurs (dBc)Phase Noise @10KHz (dBc/Hz) (typ)2nd Harm (dBc) (typ)Vcc (Vdc) VCOVcc (Vdc) PLLIcc (mA) (typ) VCOIcc (mA) (typ) PLLSettling Time (mS) (typ)Package Style
RFS2950A-LF 29503-65-95-205330123RFS-V12N