Exceptional Phase Noise • Small Size • Low Power Consumption

The TRO series features the latest enhancement in new VCO development. This series utilizes ceramic resonator topology to deliver ultra-low phase noise performance, but its compact size is what distinguishes itself from other ceramic resonator designs and sets a new standard. The TRO provides neary a 45% and 70% reduction in overall area and volume size, respectively, in comparison to other CRO model units. This series is currently available in the range of 1333 to 2000 MHz and offers spectral purity that is unmatched in a size measuring 0.375” x 0.375” x 0.12”.

TRO Series VCOs

VCO Part NumberFreq (MHz) (min)Freq (MHz) (max)Vtune (Vdc) (min)Vtune (Vdc) (max)Kvco (MHz/V) (typ)Output Power (dBm) (typ)Phase Noise @10KHz (dBc/Hz) (typ)2nd Harm (dBc) (typ)Vcc (Vdc) (typ)Icc (mA) (typ)Pushing (MHz/V) (max)Pulling (MHz) (max)Package Style