Dielectric Resonator Oscillator: DRO11000A Features Superior Phase Noise in X-Band


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Z-Communications, Inc. announces a new dielectric resonator VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) model DRO11000A for radar system applications. The DRO11000A is designed to cover 11000 MHz while incorporating both electrical and mechanical elements for fine and coarse tuning. This high performance VCO is optimized to feature superior low phase noise of -104 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset and operates off a 5 Vdc supply while typically drawing only 23 mA of current.

The DRO11000A is designed to deliver a typical output power of +2 dBm into a 50 ohm load and is guaranteed to operate over the industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C. This remarkable oscillator suppresses the second harmonic to better than -30 dBc and covers the optimized frequency with a tuning voltage range of 0 to 12 Vdc while featuring a tuning gain of 0.8 MHz/V. The DRO11000A comes in Z-COMM’s standard surface mount SDRO package measuring 0.91 in. x 0.91 in. x 0.51 in.

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